Warren Caught Flint Napping

Every morning, two liberal hosts on Boston talk radio have been bashing Governor Romney and Ma. US Senator Scott Brown for the silliest of reasons and NOW their chosen candidate for the Senate seat, Elizabeth Warren, has come under fire for a typical problem of Ma. politicians. She is a bit racist/elitist. (See former Speaker Finneran’s (Boston College) conviction for attempted gerrymandering of minorities out of power in Boston.)

Elizabeth Warren has claimed, without any proof whatsoever, that she is part American Indian. I didn’t know American Indians were Marxists because that is the tribe Elizabeth Warren is most often associated with.

Like may other progressives, Elizabeth has groomed her resume to include things she thinks will advance her political career and make her boring life more presentable to liberal voters.

When t comes to invented pasts US Senator John Kerry (Yale) is “Irish” comes to mind. Ted Kennedy (Harvard) passed his college exams – another fabrication.

A little farther south in Connecticut, Senator Richard Blumenthal (Yale) lead people to believe he was a Viet Nam veteran, which was not true.

And no less than Hillary (Wellesley, Yale) herself claimed she was named for a famed mountaineer BEFORE Sir Edmund Hillary climbed some mountain somewhere and became a household name. (Mountaineering is very P.C. you know.)

And now we have Elizabeth Warren claiming Cherokee roots to get into Harvard where she has progressed to the status of professor – one solid reason to keep here OUT of the US Senate, a known haven for layabouts from academia. Your standard Harvard grad isn’t capable enough to serve on a zoning board. Harvard grads have tendency to over-think most everything beyond their ability to spin the disastrous results into something comprehensible. (See: Obama)

Ms. Warren has an embarrassing problem on her hands if the Brown campaign wishes to pursue it.

There is no way she can prove she did not leap over another potential Harvard applicant, most likely minority, in her bogus claim of American Indian heritage.

It is as simple as that.

But progressive voters never mind a liar running for or holding office if he or she is far left enough. With Warren’s “I started the Occupy movement,” statement firmly in the open and her fabrication about being a minority, she may have locked up this Senate race in a state like Massachusetts.

Al Franken will have company.