Bigots Are Everywhere

Some people will just not let other people do with their bodies as they wish. Even when what other people do does not harm them

What I mean is that individuals know from birth what they enjoy and a personal decision to be happy as well as to be satisfied with oneself should be respected. Those actions should be treated as a personal right just as freedom of speech - but not so much to bear arms, according to progressives.

Who is anyone to decide for another how they should live their life.

But busybodies are everywhere looking for a cause and people to control.

So I say let overweight people alone.

What is overweight anyway other than some arbitrary guideline?

What if “overweight” is the new normal?

I heard a political comedian panelist on a liberal cable channel warn voters in North Carolina today that: homosexuality is normal but hating is a choice.

There ya go! Finally some sense is made on a left wing cable show.

Current statistics show that about 42% of Americans are overweight. But that may not be true. Maybe 58% of Americans have simply not learned tolerance or what “normal” really is. We have minorities in America with a whole lot less a percentage of members exert a whole lot more pressure on the rest of us than so-called overweight people ever do.

Why not just have doctors and scientists re-define “overweight” like we have other minority positions?

I would guess a few multi-million dollar government grants will do the trick.

And can we stop calling these normal people overweight and use a new name like "happy" or "satsified" for goodness sakes.