Time For "Change" In France

Now that a new socialist from the old socialist Mitterand administration is back in charge of France, I would suggest we pay close attention to what is going to happen to Ivory Coast.

France is broke and needs new money to continue paying out more in entitlements than the French economy can generate, just like the rest of Europe and the US.

But several years ago, French troops, along with our pals at the UN, took charge of the country under the guise of protecting French citizens – about the time huge oil and gas reserves were found there.

The French removed the relatively peaceful and non-genocidal elected leader, Mr. Gbagbo, and have replaced him with a UN tool and World Bank proponent.

Mr. Gbagbo is now under arrest by internationalists running their own super kangaroo court and they are labeling him a dictator.

Mr. Gbagbo was victim of a civil war between Islamists in the north of Ivory Coast and Christians in the south as much as were the people of Ivory Coast.

So we will see a trial based on little evidence for Mr. Gbagbo, run by international socialist elites, as the UN, France, and World Bank lighten the pockets of the people of this once prosperous country.