What A Team

Now let me get this straight.

Joe Biden hops off a short bus, snaps off his short leash and blabbers something about being in favor of homosexual “marriage.” Nice job Uncle Joe.

It appears Biden is looking in the presidential mirror for a reflection of things to come – for him in 2016.

Now he put Obama in a fix. Obama was having enough trouble getting re-elected without this popping up.

Hence we have the laughable evolution of Obama into a pro-homosexual marriage champion. It is almost painful to watch this rookie move unfold.

And we see reports of millions of dollars swamping the Obama campaign in just moments.

But hey, what about the rest of the national homosexual marriage agenda? Wasn’t that money supposed to be beefing up state homosexual marriage campaigns?

Remember the money from out-of-state coming to New Hampshire Democrats just before Governor Lynch’s evolution?

Obama just sucked all that state money out of the equation.

As is always with Obama, it’s me, me, me. And he probably will not be around after November when Crazy Joe once again runs for President.

They deserve each other.

The best that can come of this mess is that it takes the limelight off Eric Holder selling guns to Narco-terrorists who murder our border agents, the media getting an underwearbomber de-briefing before Congress, trillions in debt, high gas prices with no pipeline construction in sight, Obamacare, unemployment at unacceptable levels even with fudging, and a host of other things that show Obama is an incompetent Marxist.

Its time for Obama and his clan to move back to Chicago, take his home out of Tony Rezko's name, find some international socialist group to hire him to give speeches, and see if he can draw bigger crowds than Governor Palin.