And This Is The Hole Where We Hide Our Slush Fund

Typical with a public school in our country in 2012 we have another in a long list of reasons why homeschooling or private schooling is the best option for “our children” these days.

A small school in Washington State has a chosen to deliver some graphic descriptions of adult sexuality to children.

Face it, school employees nowadays are often political activists more than educators and they fall into a trance at the first hint of any new education fad, no matter how stupid or destructive.

Here is the story about Washington:

And as usual with a public school you have a burning desire to initiate children into politics and sex but not to do some things that are supposed to be required of a school funded with tax dollars.

How about putting the name of the sex education expert from the school who got his or her jollies off replacing parents - IN THE NEWS STORY! Take some credit for your actions.

And how about this:

This school, so ready to talk anal sex with fifth graders, would probably balk at releasing budget figures to an interested taxpayer.

That is if my experience with public educators and expert school administrators is any guide.