Antrim, Front Page Above The Fold

The warm glow of a nuke plant off in the distance, the rumble of a train load of coal going by at 3 am, and the crackle of 200KV lines above your head.

Ahh, the sights and sounds of American energy eco-Luddites hate the most.

But in Antrim, NH, eco-Luddites have a new bone to pick. They hate wind power – in their back yards.

And so it comes to pass that two newspapers to date, the Manchester and Peterborough papers, have plastered front page, above the fold, articles accusing the Antrim Selectmen of SECRET MEETINGS!

Now I am opposed to secret meetings by elected officials as much as the next taxpayer activist but the secret meetings in this case are ones associated with the Antrim Selectmen negotiating the future and present assessments of a wind energy plant – a COMMERCIAL wind energy plant. And that means Antrim progressives are sure to have bunched up priorities and panties.

From what I can make of the so-called news stories about the secret Selectmen’s meetings, several concerned residents are opposed to a commercial wind plant in THEIR town. Let’s call them the “No Clean Energy in My Back Yard” eco-Luddites. Part of the anti-wind effort is to smear the Antrim Selectmen with a secret meeting charge. That accusation can only stick if the Selectmen were outside the negotiation of assessments process.

Let’s have a look at the concerned citizens who want the so-called secret meetings exposed.

Three Antrim eco-Luddites are elected members of – wait for it – the Antrim Planning Board!

One premier anti-commercial wind energy, planning board member, activist, is none other than Charles Levesque of – wait for it - Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC, a firm owned by Charles which supports bio-mass energy. (Surprise!)

Here is a list of some of his clients:

- Panda Development Group

- Anheuser-Busch

- Russell Biomass

- Cleaves & Company

- North Country Procurement

- Safe Handling Inc.

- Honeywell

- Maine Department of Conservation

- State of Massachusetts

- Major Investment Banks and Equity Funds

- Utilities

Anybody want a chip to energy plant in their back yard????? Innovative Natural Resource Services would be more than happy to help – for a price.

Come to think of it, how are three members of the Antrim Planning Board, a quorum of a five person board, meeting to oppose the wind energy towers without violating the secret meeting restrictions of the NH Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A, themselves?

I think the anti-wind energy eco-luddites are pots calling the kettle black.

And for some whipped cream and cherries to go with the planted stories about a supposed 91-A violation by the Antrim Selectmen, the eco-Luddites have hired an attorney who made headlines back in the 90’s for writing a memo to clients from a municipality in Northern NH describing how to beat the Right to Know Law!

Environmentalists are pretty much the same type of hypocrite no matter where you find them.