Not Much Difference Between Silly And Dangerous

Claiming to be a “Democrat’s Democrat” one Jackie Cilley throws her hat in the Gubnatorial ring.

And a NH Democrat she is – offering mostly Alinsky style name-calling and diversion from her own party’s failings.

Jackie Cilley is probably as upset as most liberal Democrats that the $800 million dollar deficit and smoke and mirror budgets they left behind in 2010 for Republican Speaker Bill O’Brien and the other adults to clean up has been eradicated – without throwing grandma in the street, polluting the air, eradicating Medicare, Medicaid, Social security, and the UN.

But to top it off, Cilley has to label – back to Alinsky when you’re short on details – Rep. Bob Kingsbury of Laconia as a “whackadoodle.”

THIS, Cilley believes, will get her some support from the anti-whackadoodle college educated Left she associates with ever since her humble beginnings as a child of the mills in Northern NH.

Democrat Gubnatorial candidate and former college lay-about Cilley, wants to diminish Rep. Bob Kingsbury to enhance her own standing as a non-whackadoodle.

Imagine some guy from Laconia, such as Bob, who was a rifleman in General George Patton’s army and helped brake open gates to NAZI concentration camp, a guy who has looked into the eyes of people victimized by socialist ideals of perfection, Saul Alinsky ideals,  having the audacity to deem himself worthy of a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

No wonder Democrat Jackie Cilley is offended by such a man and makes him a political target.

As most liberals do, Cilley thinks socialism could work if it was just implemented, this time, by the super smart set, such as she belongs to.

And an income tax would be her first step towards social justice and creating a politically correct modern man.

Sheeesh, don’t libs ever have an original thought?

New Hampshire needs more Bob Kingsburys.