Rodney, Rest In PCP

Rodney King, the big winner in racial politics. He helped change America and expose how a poor profiled speeder can find himself in a heap of hot water through no fault of his own.

“Can’t we all get along” after a high speed chase and refusal to submit to arrest?

Instant celebrity in America can be hard on your average Angel Dust sampler. Poor Rodney drowned in his swimming pool the other day without a police officer to help him – no idea how warm the pool was.

The fact that some of the neighborhoods destroyed during the race riots resulting from the filmed beating by police of poor Rodney still stand in ruin are a testimony to Rodney. He changed how police handle simple speeding stops of felons on parole. And aren’t we all the better for it?

Whatever happened to the other guys in the car with Rodney that fateful, historic evening in LA? You would think some enterprising young reporter would dig up the police reports and get a statement about Rodney from some old pals. See if he shared the large sum of money he won from the L.A. Police Department with his buds Bryant Allen and Freddie Helms. Do they ever swim in Rodney’s pool?

Here is a Wikipedia sample of the King events for what is worthipedia:

Sometimes it is good to look back at some of our pop culture and see how much the story line about King has changed from the actual events that led up to the L.A. riots so we will better understand the next ones.