Look Who Popped Up.

One of America’s most famous Shi**y Managers, Paul Beecher, is now setting up shop in Seattle, Washington, so he could be “close to his family.” http://www.gazettenet.com/2012/01/25/south-hadley-administrator-paul-beecher-resigns?SESS75cf94624baf98d4968b87c212f3dcbe=gnews

View his new profile set up to advertise his expertise with municipal management. http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulbeecher

Only in NH could Beecher have lasted so long as an incompetent municipal hack. Twelve years in Dover. It took a long time but he was eventually caught sneaking extravagant pay and retirement packages to his favored pals.  http://www.patriotledger.com/homepage/x1418828097/Finalist-for-Hingham-town-manager-has-a-trail-of-controversy

Next he was fired by Kingman, Arizona.

He doesn’t mention running the New Hampshire Municipal Association while in NH????

That would be the NH organization currently in trouble for skimming $100 million from the municipalities and public employees insured by that private/public non-profit.

Paul Beecher left North Hadley, Ma. abruptly this year after his contract there was not to be renewed.

Oh, what happened? The North Hadley Selectmen couldn’t wait to hire him but are not so eager to let the public know why he had to retire early. Was it that checkbook he had sole control over to fix some municipal building roof? (I warned them.)

Maybe Beecher spent countless hours of taxpayer dollars fooling around on the internet – shades of Kingman Arizona.

He could have been involved with unauthorized expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars in city funds like in Kansas City, Mo. and Dover, NH.

In any case, The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers is keeping an eye on Beecher’s careers as they crop up.

Make sure your town or school doesn’t go looking for a Beecher when shopping to fill some administrative position. If you want small, responsive government, stay away from municipal con artists.