Is There A Jessie The IIIrd In The Wings? Chicago Might Need One

Back to where Blagojevich left off, before he was so abruptly prosecuted and convicted out of the news:

Young, handsome, healthy, and upwardly mobile used to be the best description of Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr., but alas, he has taken some time off to get healthy, handsome, and out of the limelight.

Balgo had a money man named Nayak. He was your typical pay-to-play Chicago bribe-master.

This is the guy who was the money behind Blago saying he had this thing that was worth something.

The “thing” was the chance to appoint a US Senator to Obama’s Senate seat, and an offer to pick up some real bling if the appointment was another handsome, upwardly mobile, young minority from Chicago’s seedy political cesspool.

You will not find this connection to the current occupier of the White House in our major news outlets because they are in the tank for the Kenyan Wonder.

More bad news for Obama, they do not need.

But the action is on and if you dig for it there is some real news just laying around for your reading pleasure.

Obama, Blagojevich, Tony Rezko, Jessie Jackson Jr., all the names that should be in the news await you.

Just look for the right bloggers.