Let's Face It, He Couldn't Moonwalk

I have heard about all kinds of things that are smuggled into prisons, even maximum security prisons.

You have dozens of different kinds of weapons - even guns, drugs, cigarettes, porn, tattoo machines, and some stuff not worth mentioning.

Even if one is housed in a country club facility in America, they still find contraband in unscheduled sweeps of cells and common areas.

So it is a good bet that Jerry Sandusky will not be having sex with any minors for a long, long, time – forever being a long time. Smuggling young boys into a prison for someone like Jerry would be impossible because even the inmates would provide swift justice where swift justice was denied Sandusky’s victims for so long.

Jerry will have a chance to pick on somebody his own size for his Earthly eternity.

Let’s hope Penn State has learned a lesson about sports heroes and common decency.

Time to get out the checkbook and give it the old college try.