Yea!! (We Got Who?)

In October of 2011 Barack Obama sent 100 US Special Forces to Uganda to help capture or murder a rebel leader named Kony, the military/terrorist head of some crazy bunch of murderers.

Kony runs this group of killers which is said, at best, to number 200.

In four months it will be a year since 100 US Special Forces went after 200, un-funded, kidnapped for the most part, piles of rabble pretending to be an army.

But the US troops are not part of the action, according to the Obama Administration. They are advisory only.

Why not send some guys and gals from Harvard, Oxford, or Columbia if we are not giving anything but advice?

Obama, as US President, is head of our military. And he has a list of academic and political achievements which include being a Constitutional Scholar, running a student paper at Harvard, community organizing, and a Nobel Peace Prize.

Certainly we have other over-achieving, socialist-leaning academics with real world experience who can find little Kony and talk him into surrendering or zap him with a drone.

Why send our scarce military assets for so small a job when American Universities provide so much talent?

After November 7, 2012 is thankfully behind us and a new President is sworn in, will he get credit if our military captures Kony?

Just wondering and putting things in perspective.