Copy Cannibals

It seems all you have to do these days is have one major news story about something weird or abnormal and a whole bunch of amateurs attempt the same thing for attention.

Take the recent cluster of “copy cannibals” in the news for instance. (I call the copy cannibals a “cluster” not knowing if they have a real title like a “gaggle” of geese or “murder” of crows.)

Every other day there is a fresh flesh eating story about some person, admittedly high on some drug, trying to bite or eat another person who happens to be nearby, and possibly naked.

This explains a lot about Human nature.

I know train wrecks and plane crashes come in threes - but cannibalism?

So maybe many politicians are crooks simply because they see other politicians doing crooked stuff and think, “Hey I could do that.”

The same thing goes with street gang members and people with ten or more square feet of tattoos.

This pattern of copy cannibalism may be what was behind all the hot young female teachers having sex with young boys at public schools, a need for attention. This is just a hunch on my non-psycologist part.

So what is next after cannibalism?

We have plenty of alien abduction stories happening all on a row.

Crop circles and Bigfoot sightings are rather non-violent and come in clusters.

I know, maybe more Scandinavian appearing candidates for US Senate in Ma. will claim to be Cherokee Indians.