Holder Gives Guns To Cartels, But Wants Yours

One of the complaints of the liberal Democrats regarding today’s bi-partisan vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress it that it is politically motivated and the evil National Riffle Association jumped in for no reason other than they hate Obama and Holder.

So what?

If the NRA wants a piece of Holder, he has handed it to them on a silver withholding information platter.

News flash:

When you delete public information, hide it, or refuse to turn it over to the proper authorities, you are asking anyone who wishes to, to speculate what you might be hiding.

And so the NRA might like to think that Holder is simply hiding a scheme to let thousands of guns loose in Mexico so he has a case to make for gun control here in the States.

Hillary herself was mouthing off not long ago about 90% of gun crimes in Mexico come from US guns sent there through loopholes in gun laws here - a lie. And Hillary never says anything without it being part of a scheme to advance some progressive agenda. This is the woman who had her thug steal 900 FBI files.

I also believe Holder and his troops wanted to make a case for tagging Americans for Mexico’s violence to advance an anti-Second Amendment effort.

Thank you Eric!

And WELCOME to the NRA in the next election.

All hands on deck.