Sleazy Come, Easy Go!

As Americans of all stripes gear up to defeat the “Trillion Dollar Obama Tax Health Care Rationing Bill” it would behoove us to link the local with the national.

Everyone knows the Obama acolytes, Supreme court Liberals, and Congressmen lied to get this middle class tax through by any means.

Lying is the number one agenda item of all progressives, liberals, socialists, communitarians and moonbats. Deceit in the name of “progress” for progressives is always justified. Look to NAZI’s and communists for the same trade.

It would stretch the imagination to believe most people have not, since yesterday, had their eyes opened by the actions of liberal Democrats, so-called conservatives, the media, colleges, and especially our courts.

The mandate is not a tax but it is when they need it to be.

What did Nancy Pelosi say, “We need to pass it before we can call it a tax,” or something like thatJ.

But you need to look locally as well.

Remember this one:

The VIEW TAX is not a tax.

Our NH Dept of Revenue employees and commissioner will repeat that lie over and over again because – they are just like the players in Washington DC.

Power corrupts some people at all levels, from zoning boards to selectmen.

What will be interesting is when real Americans, by the millions, stand up and take power away from those who pretend to not know there are limits on government.

As an American and citizen of New Hampshire – especially being a citizen of New Hampshire - you need to be involved in any way you can.

Liberals in this country are going to look back at this latest “victory” and ask how they could have been so greedy and narrow minded.

This isn’t 1960, 70, or 80. It is 2012 and this country is just about bankrupt. Liberalism is a dead end in Europe and here in many of the States. Remember, this country consists of STATES and we can dismantle liberalism one at a time and take away all the left’s hopes and dreams if we put our minds to it one vote at a time.