Unintended Taxequences

Here in New Hampshire, adult Republicans voted in during the great purge of liberals and RINOs two years ago, succeeded in eliminating a huge liberal Democrat deficit amounting to almost a billion dollars.

Our business community for the time being knows what is going on and can invest.

Even with the ObamaCare TAX hitting the middle class in 2014, people who run businesses can at least venture guess as to what is going to happen to our state economy.

Pity California!


The liberal, progressive, socialist dreams of creating a utopia in that state hinge on, drum roll, please, new taxes on the “wealthy” which in reality means the middle class because that is the only victim class with enough dough left who can not depart California in a limo or cruise ship.

Here is, from the above mentioned article, what Governor Moonbeam still believes:

“Brown believes the tax initiative will raise $8.5b in the new fiscal year starting July 1 by increasing the sales tax by a quarter cent to 7.5 percent for four years, and boosting the income tax on people who make more than $250,000 a year for seven years.”

Sure, four years is all they need for the time being to pay the billions promised to public employees. And the “rich” will stick around for the full seven?

Bail all you want Jerry. The hole is too big this time AND the ObamaCare TAX is on the way!!!!

It’s like a Democrat Double Down.

California will soon be the best place in the World to drop your knapsack and enjoy Utopia, empty beaches, abandoned farms and buildings, and no more traffic jams.

It will be like a great, big, sunny Detroit – progressive in every way.