Cable Observations

Well one thing is for sure, watching the Ed Show on MSNBC is a lot more fun since Tuesday’s drubbing of public unions in Wisconsin. The host’s yelping about progressives being out spent missed the part about the money spent trying to discredit Governor Walker ever since the day he was elected.

There was the occupation of the State House, abandonment of elected office by Democrats bent on stopping Walker reforms, doctors giving people medical excuses to attend anti-Walker rallies, that liberal Supreme Court candidate election failure, the failed attempt at taking over the State Senate, and endless friendly media attacks on Walker. But still – progressives had their posteriors handed to them.

Now these same left wing activists have, in all probability, cost Obama Wisconsin in November. What a pricy Alinsky plan gone bad in slow motion - for a full year.

Oh, and a woman slaps Walker opponent Mayor Barrett for conceding after his lost race and we hear about the slap but not who the woman might be – a teacher maybe?

Bill O’Reilly really is a pin head.

The other night I heard him say that the national anti-tobacco campaign put on for the last 50 years was “brilliant.” He was relating the tobacco demonization to the current attempt by Mayor Bloomberg to criminalize “Big Soda.”

Of coarse O’Reilly thinks the national anti-tobacco effort was “brilliant.” It opens the door to banning certain food, behavior, language, and opinions not favored by our progressive elites.

That is pure O’Reilly, who by the way is as liberal as he thinks he can get away with and still sell his shameless self-promotion hour on Fox. (Ever notice, folks, O’Reilly can NEVER make a point, no matter how silly, without repeating it three times? And he can not let a guest speak for more than seven seconds without butting in with a comment?)

Bill Clinton smells a power vacuum left hanging in the air by a hapless, out of touch, in over his Harvard head Obama and has stepped in with some media visits and back-stabbing dressed as sage “advice” for his friend. I love that part about crazy Bill.

Hmmmm, liberals say they want equal pay for women, all in the name of fairness and equality, but not equal pay or pensions for private sector or non-union employees?

Exit polls showed the Wisconsin race too close to call and Obama with comfortable lead over Romney?

I was in Madison, Wisconsin back in May at an Applebee’s. Bumper stickers showed Barrett winning.

Ah, politics.