This Dog Don't Like The Dog Food

You know the real problem with Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is the same problem we have with many elites in Washington – Harvard Law School.

This treacherous pit has belched up some of the worst people in this country and it can not be by accident alone.

You have to at the very least give Harvard credit where credit is due.

All of a sudden, Harriet Miers is looking real good. She had a real life, a simple college degree from a Methodist University, owned a handgun, and most importantly, was not an elitist. It is fathomable that she might have had some degree of respect for our country over the liberal infection that is Harvard.

When you think of it, the first appointment made by President Romney to the “high” court should be from the list of State Attorney’s General who made valid points against the ObamaTax.

It’s not like Romney doesn’t have a ton of good, non-elite Supreme Court candidates with proven records, as well as a pile of good people for Attorney General to prosecute the Obama crowd.

But there is still a light at the end of the Roberts tunnel.

Roberts is said to have been afraid of the Court getting bad press if he followed the unconstitutional language of the proposed bill and threw out the ObamaTax.

Isn’t it nice to know this low life Harvard elite is a coward at heart and more prone to cover his judicial ass than the US Constitution.

Let him be a pariah in conservative circles and exposed for what he is.

The United States Supreme Court has just opened the flood gates to unconstitutional cases because it is anyone’s guess and gamble as to the outcome, plus, who cares what they say. The United States Supreme Court’s 4-1-4 decision shows what a bunch of traitors the majority of them are.

The four ACLU judges took the ObamaTax offered to them by Roberts simply because that was their goal. They had little choice.

Poor Anthony Kennedy has lost his title as the “Queen of the Ball” swing vote to a sneaky two-timer. I have to laugh about that.

Now Roberts can hide from any new cases that could expose him as a liberal. If a case came up that could possibly reverse Rowe v. Wade, Roberts and the four ACLU judges could vote to not hear it and select more “forward” looking decisions.

Roberts has exposed how one loose cannon on the court can make all the difference if he plays both sides.

This exposes what a flawed institution the court is and why there should be age limits at least.

Under the new Roberts logic, all the next Congress has to do is pass a bill that sets age limits at 75 and Breyer and Ginsburg would be gone,

OR Congress, with new Roberts powers, could TAX several justices off the bench.

Come to think of it, why not tax Harvard’s endowments, trust funds, operating expenses, leather chair accounts, everything it would take to pay for free health care.

They wouldn’t mind.