Delaney and Baloney

A superior court judge has dismissed what appears to have been a politically motivated case brought against the elected police chief of Weare by our, suddenly interested in election law violations, Attorney General’s Office.

As you may have heard, The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has been documenting election law violations and all types of voter fraud for 12 years with no help from the Attorney General’s Office what so ever.

But let the, ELECTED by vote of the people of Weare, police chief help a disabled person into a polling booth, without any evidence of politicking what so ever, and you have a one year late attempt at prosecution?

CNHT has documentation of almost every imaginable type of election law violation, as does our AG, including a State Rep. on the Election Law Committee, making his own illegal voting materials and passing them out to student voters. The AG did NOTHING!

We turned in a Bedford School District Clerk for setting up an illegal polling station. The AG made excuses for him!

CNHT helped expose, through a pro se Superior Court case, a Weare School Moderator for keeping six ballots in his pocket, letting a $1.5 million dollars school bond pass. The judge threw the election out. No AG in sight.

We have so much documentation of voter fraud in NH it would take days to print it all.

But CNHT would never turn a person in for something as simple as helping a voter to the booth. That is the Moderator’s job and he did not do it.

Could it be that the Weare Police Chief was running against a State Trooper for the Weare chief job?

Or do we have another case of Attorney General Mike Delaney acting like a future candidate for higher office through the looking glass of our Attorney General’s Office?