Freedom of the press is at stake?

This is New Hampshire.

The liberal press likes to rant and rave about William Loeb as they play the exact same roll for the little governor, Loeb played for his favorites – with much less dignity and truth, I might add.

How many times must we see the same old cartoon of a wheel chair with a flat tire if any Republican Governor dared look at the Health and Human Self-services Budget?

The Concord paper (publishes about 20,000 per day = nothing in a state of 1.3 million) has been given walking papers by their single Alynski-inspired target of the last several years, Speaker Bill O’Brien.

I could care less.

The Concord paper is wholly owned by the teachers union. It is not a real newspaper in the sense of journalism and all that old-fashioned stuff.

Our CNHT photographer was forced to stop taking simple pictures of the discussions at an Atkinson Deliberative Session several years ago.

A vote to prevent this professional wedding photographer from taking pictures for CNHT was lead by the now former moderator.

No “newspaper” in this State cared to write about it.

We know how things work here in The Granite State.

Man up, Concord sissies!

You are not victims of anything but your own biased reporting.

What goes around……