Sir, May I Have A Business?

Barack Obama has let slip a very important part of his political philosophy – communist philosophy, that is.

He has stated, without the help of his notorious telle-prompters, off the cuff, and maybe what he really thinks, that if you own a business you did not start that business by yourself. You can not be credited with your own success. It has to be up to government and the “community” at large to decide who wins and loses in life’s lottery.

On the flip side, I tend to think this is a great argument for something I have known for a long, long, time.

If you graduated from some type of school like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, or Columbia, you are not really intelligent.

Graduation from a place of higher learning meant that someone else is responsible and you are only the beneficiary of life’s lottery. Put in the time, repeat the sacred chant, and you wind up with a sheep skin!

This explains why so many intellectuals who attempt to run our country are so stupid when it comes to real life decisions.

And, while we are at it.

If you have a job with a government of any kind it means you did not earn, nor are you qualified for, that job. It was given to you by the same overlords who decide what businesses fail or succeed.

Dumb old me, trying to expand on the Obama description of how American business works by brining higher education and government into the discussion.

I feel better now.