Turn Your Head And Cough - And Gag

You look surprised?

Our TSA let 25 aliens take flight training from an alien who owns a flight school? http://cnsnews.com/news/article/tsa-let-25-illegal-aliens-attend-flight-school-owned-illegal-alien

Of course they did!

If by now you do not understand that the sole purpose of an all encompassing government is to do EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of what they are meant to do then you are hopeless, clueless, stupid, or simply excited by the whole endeavor.

While they have your pants down and are slowing business and life in general in America, these losers are letting potential terrorists, the reason for their existence, carry on like it was September 10, 2001.

And why not!

Imagine how much power the TSA would have if another attack was successful on our shores.

They started out as non-federal employees and have managed to creep into government employment quite nicely and predictably.

Why bite the hand that feeds you?

Don’t these clowns work for Obama now?