I Remembered Another

Our Secretary of State, supposedly the United States, Hillary Clinton, is a communist appeaser from way back when she was co-president.

Clinton has been placed in a position, by Barack Hussein Obama, to do real harm to the United States because of her stupid liberal ideology. Congressman Michelle Bachmann has reason to question this power hungry fool.

Remember Clinton stooge, Strobridge Talbott, the Soviet “expert” who never saw the collapse of the Soviet Union coming?



Strobridge is an over-educated, self-important, elite who was so infatuated with the unlimited power of communist leaders he eagerly let them walk all over him when he was at the US State Department.

Who in the KGB needed to recruit spies in the US if they were hand selected by the Clintons for top positions to offer help? And you know some old Clinton contacts must still be there.

It isn’t hard to question Hillary’s choices for companionship and advice from Huma Weiner when you simply glance at the cast of nasty characters she has associated with in the past, and I am not just referring to old Crooked Willey, her husband.

Double down, Congressman Bachmann!