Maybe It IS Time For Some Gun Control

Why not have a real conversation about violence, guns, and nut jobs?

Liberals like having “a conversation” about things they want from others all the time. It is called, setting the table.

So how about as an educated people we set about fixing this shooting rampage problem that pops up every so often.

Try eliminating guns and violence from – Hollywood movies. That should raise the ugly head of a powerful political self-interest group much larger and richer than the NRA.

Didn’t this nut who shot up the theater emulate The Joker?

I think he did. I rest my case.

He didn’t dive into the theater holding up an NRA membership card. He was a card carrying liberal if what we know of him is true – ABC’s contention and hope he was Mr. TEA Party aside.

Instead of American communists and liberals asking for instant gun control in reaction to a shooting from a formally obscure college student, whose past we now have more information about than Barack Obama’s, why not speedy trials and death penalties – for closure?

I would like to set the table.

If, suddenly, John Roberts decided we could have an immediate murder trial with short time limits, ending in a swift execution while the murders were still fresh in everyone’s minds, wouldn’t it then be perfectly legal?

Sure it would.

Roberts could simply, set the table.

How fragile the liberal sand castle is after the last Supreme Court Decision.

America will be at a tipping point in November. Liberals, communists, freeloaders and socialists of all kinds are hoping for Mr. Change to cling bitterly to power.

When they lose, Americans will have to quickly decide what it is they want of the left’s sixty year agenda removed from our lives.

Let’s have a “conversation” about the unchecked power of Hollywood’s influence and money fueling “change” in our society like an open sewer.

For starters, that is.