Mr. Anonymouse Wins Again!

I saw this story on The Blaze about a young man having his hot dog stand shut down by the local zoning officials, TEN MINUTES after he opened the thing.

Nice story, but why bother?

I get emails all day long from people who start out with: “This will really get your blood boiling.”

Please don’t send me that non-sense. I need facts, not emotion.

What you absolutely need in any story about abuse of common sense, especially by local officials, is the name of the public servant who pulled the stunt.

The statute or ordinance would be nice to see as well.

How long will it take taxpayers to understand their opponents?

The public servant who shut this hot dog stand down has a name and a background. He probably has a long list of similar actions in his resume. But he gets off totally un-exposed.

Give the other side of the stinking story!

This kid went to the city and talked to “Ann” who slinks away with anonymity, as does the ZBA bully, who obviously KNEW when the stand was going to open – after the boy shelled out $1,500.00 for it.

That is the real story!

And for Heaven’s sake, put the ordinance in the story so we in the rest of taxpayer land can see if that ordinance is applicable in our municipality.

Haven’t we learned that liberals on any board are ALWAYS gleaning any new language from another town to adopt into their own ordinance? It is like people who are addicted to tattoos, only the harm is done to others.

If you want to be a victim, stay uninformed and NEVER place the burden on the public servant abusing his position. Just read silly stories about how we always have to give in to government without a peep.

And please don’t bother me.