Prepositions v. Propositions

There is an ad floating about NH newspapers. It has a title:


Far be it from me to mention the ad’s second sentence, an incomplete sentence, ends with two prepositions, so I will not. I will write it into my article. (People are always correcting my grammar, so…)

In any case, the reason for the ad, paid for by public school lackeys 95.7 FM, Citizens Bank, The Manchester Paper, Gear for Grades, and Child family Services, is to point out how poor and needy NH schools have become. A weak argument after all the yearly increases of 7%-10% over the last decade  - as student populations plummeted.

Did you know that public schools are in such a state of poverty that scissors, pocket folders, washable markers, colored pencils, pencils/pens, spiral notebooks, rulers, pencil boxes, erasers, crayons, glue sticks, and index cards need to be donated by the public?

True, true, true.

Just buy as much as you can of these scarce objects of learning and drop them off at any Citizens Bank for a tingle of support for public education up your leg.

Did you know how much in base salary NH school superintendents make?

I think it is between $95,000.00 and $165,000.00.

And assistant superintendents pick up about $85,000.00 to $115,000.00 for the very important work they do educating “our” children.

Business Administrators earn less, and from what I know, do most of the work.

Supers and ass. supers usually pick up about 5% in annual bonuses, if they play their cards right.

Those poor teachers spend all summer sweating over whether or not they will get their bonuses.

What interested me was this program’s lack of begging for toilet paper and writing paper as has been done in past years. What, suddenly we have enough of that?

And they ask for erasers but not chalk - interesting.

Back to the title of the ad, if you do not mind.

“EVERY CHILD DESERVES AN EDUCATION” isn’t really what a public education is all about. I think it should read: EVERY CHILD HAS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR AN EDUCATION.

If the ad’s title was correct, school professionals have let a lot of people down by chewing up budgets for their own salaries and bennies rather than some inexpensive supplies.