Not Much Thump, Damn Little Whip

I have been writing blog articles for since it began. And my writing skills are equal to that of most arborists, loggers, etc.

Finding a supposedly well educated person who appears to be obsessed with lower life forms such as me having opinions always brings a smile to my face.

It appears I have a fellow who is aligned with The Earth Institute, The Stockholm Environment Institute, and a host of other several person institutes funded with tax dollars and super wealth socialists.

Well shucks, ain’t that a serprize.

If you Google my name, a personal web site owned by one of the expert, eco-luddite, layabouts who needs to use the “F’ word to make his silly points comes up. It looks like he has fewer readers than I do.

Luddy is very upset I was interviewed by some guy named Neil Cavuto in 2009.

The 501(c)3 tax deductable eco-fraud groups who support Luddy don’t like to say from whence they derive their booty.

Some of the article worth noting:

Like any forward-moving public policy organization, SEI needs money and contacts to grease its wheels. SEI’s headquarters is in faraway Stockholm, Sweden. But a U.S. headquarters office opened at the Tufts University campus in Somerville, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb, in April 2006. According to IRS records, the U.S. Center of the Stockholm Environment Institute reported revenue of $1,483,391, with U.S. government agency support of $929,786. The total amount of revenue available to SEI is unavailable because many SEI-US projects, such as the GDR framework proposal, are developed in conjunction with SEI in Sweden, which has disclosed its revenue sources but not their amounts.

According to its 2007 annual report, SEI support comes from universities, foundations, corporations, the Swedish, U.S. and other foreign governments, and various non-governmental organizations, including:

48% Bilateral Agencies (Danish International Development Agency, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, U.K. Department for International Development)

17% Government (Germany, Sweden, U.S., France, Estonia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates)

14% Multilateral Agencies (European Commission, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Development Programme, UN Environment Programme)

10% Research institutes and NGOs (Ecotrust, Enterprising Environmental Solutions, Environmental Defense, Natural Resources Defense Council, Tellus Institute, World Wildlife Fund)

5% Private Sector (California Environmental Associates, Rolls Royce, Shell China)

3% Universities (University of California Berkeley, University of California Davis, University of Washington)

2% Banks and Financial Institutions (Asian Development Bank, Carnegie Investment Bank AB, World Bank Group)

1% Foundations (Heinrich Böll Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation)

Our research has revealed that U.S. government agency grants to SEI include the Commerce Department ($95,482 in 2008 and $95,577 in 2007) and the State Department ($50,000 in 2007). SEI also has acknowledged receiving money from the city governments of Seattle, Washington and Sharon, Massachusetts, as well as the East Bay Municipal Water District and the El Dorado Irrigation District (EID), both located in California.

According to the EID website, SEI scientist David Purkey worked with EID to secure a $200,000 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a division of the U.S. Commerce Department. The grant is for “refinement of the WEAP drought analysis work completed up to now [November 6, 2007].” WEAP stands for Water Evaluation and Planning system. The reports that EID produces, such as a 161 page “Drought Preparedness Plan,” rely heavily on alarmist global warming assumptions and suspect data about climate change.

SEI’s research work with the three municipal water districts, like its work with EID, consists of developing model programs and predictions concerning climate and the environment. The goal is to create the graphs and spreadsheets and presentations full of data that will allow a city agency or water district board to make the case that policymakers must tax and spend to fix unavoidable problems caused by global warming. SEI receives grant money, often from the federal government, to do this work.

It’s not surprising that SEI does research work with and receives funding from major U.S. environmental groups such as Environmental Defense (ED), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that have raised alarms over global warming. However, SEI also works closely with the Earth Island Institute, one of America’s most radical environmental groups. Earth Island’s “EcoEquity” project was co-founded by Tom Athanasiou, one of the authors of the GDR framework...

To think some Berkley academic parasites take time from their self-absorption to write about a dope like me is sincerely gratifying. And it should make them pause and reflect on their own self worth, as they spend others millions on their own man-made hot air.