Tax records, Birth Certificates, Who Cares?

Mitt Romney is beginning to make some headway against M.C. Obama, and the Obama gang.

The media and Democrat slander machine are waiting impatiently for any gaff on which they can capitalize. Typical stuff of American elections, destroy the enemy completely with any tool except facts.

The Democrat slander machine has vested a ton of effort in the “hidden” Romney tax returns. Liberal theory is if he turns them over, he loses, if he doesn’t he loses. They think they can win in either case.

But there is a third way.

The Democrat machine is not used to Republicans failing to respond in lily-livered fashion.

Romney is not turning over the tax returns and the issue is not panning out as early and bad for Romney as liberals had hoped.

I think Romney should stay firm regarding the returns and, quite frankly tell his opponents to kiss his posterior. Romney wouldn’t say, ass.

Having been an elected official at one time, a Selectman here in Deering, where I won a seat against all odds and liberals, I learned a few things.

I had my mail opened by Post Office employees. I caught the Hillsboro Post Office so cleanly the Manchester Office had to cover for them. Yep, it happened and probably would again if I was to run for the same position. Accepting how things really work is part of moving forward.

The thing that really interested me was that after I won, and the other two selectmen had to let me in the Town office, where I found a folder on the selectman’s desk containing one thing – my social security number.

It was gleaned from some source previous to my election. I never gave it to them. But I know they wanted to use it to prove I had a criminal record so they could keep me from taking office. I had that story spread around town for years by my opponents.

Their chance to come up with any criminal record fell flat - too bad for my friends in the Deering Town Hall.

Now that I am enlightened about local elections, I am positive that in something as serious as a national election, Democrat operatives already have Mitt Romney’s tax records, and for as long as the IRS keeps them.

Hillary managed to get a hold of secret billing records and 900 FBI files without much fuss. People in the IRS are not saints.

Imagine the inner turmoil going on in the greasy hands of the Obama thugs holding secret Romney tax records.

Here is what I think could happen.

If Romney doesn’t let them go public – some Obama thug may go rogue and slip them to the press anyway, like they do now with State Department and military secrets to pay off friendly press.

Wait for it Mitt!

Let Obama’s campaign thugs play their hand.

Have your press release ready, asking how Obama came up with your tax returns if you didn’t open them. Talk about opening a can of worms for the Obama campaign.

This is a no lose for you.

The progressive slander playbook is not working on this issue and they do not know what to do about it.