Maybe Its The Stupid "Establishment"

Whatever meds Dick Cheney is on must have created a time warp in his memory if he thinks Governor Sarah Palin was a drag on the McCain ticket. The fact that she was the only thing between McCain and a complete rout is not even debatable.

The days of the, next in line, Republican hierarchy program did not work with McCain. It wasn’t Sarah Palin, who had an almost 80% approval rating in Alaska dragging anyone down.

Dick Cheney is now appearing on ABC News, of all places, to take a shot at Palin.

It really is time for Dick Cheney and the Bush clan to look in the mirror. RINO’s are getting their “collective” asses handed to them.

RINO’s and other Establishment Republicans went the way of the RINOsaur in 2010 and still fail to see what happened to them.

Bed wetting Republicans always surrender before the fight begins and stab conservatives in the back at every turn.

How is a supposedly savvy politician like Cheney going to explain to recently awakened Republican voters that it is a good thing to attack Sarah Palin on a network that would lead a charge to frog-march Dick Cheney, or any other Republican on a jay-walking rap? They are your enemy and you are suddenly working WITH them?

The problem the Republican Establishment had with Governor Palin was two-fold, one, that they refused to support her and even attempted outright sabotage, the other was the fact that she outsmarted them by capitalizing on her popularity. Sarah Palin recognized what Republicans were looking for.

The Left was so sure that working together with RINO’s they could silence Sarah Palin, they stepped in their own excrement by attacking her family, special needs child, and made horrible, unsubstantiated claims about her past. Many moonbat, haters had to apologize publicly.

Sarah Palin did not go away like a good little, old-fashioned Republican should. That’s because she is a conservative, first.

And like Pavlov’s dog, Dick Cheney is forced to turn to his political opponents at ABC to attack at the sound of her voice.