I Love This Kind Of Hate

The story begs a review:


Some Satanists from Colorado (the snobbyist type) say they were subjects of a hate crime, but that just can not be.

Just because someone (or something) allegedly stole their “Vote Satan” sign, there is no legal reason the Satanists can make a claim of being victims of hate - quite the opposite.

I think the people who allegedly stole the Vote Satan sign did so out of the goodness of their hearts, definitely NOT hate.

And here is part of this particular couple of Satanists creed:

They are “dedicated to the acceptance of man’s true nature – that of a carnal beast.”

So the Satanists got what they bargained for if someone stole their sign due to hate and they should feel damned justified about it.

Now if the Satanists were to claim the theft - a love crime,  a concern crime, a goodness crime, or even an adult supervision crime, maybe they would have a solid case in a John Roberts Court.

But, no, they are not victims of a hate crime.

They are living their dream.

Get used to it.