Breathe Fresh Air

Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter has resigned from Congress after some 26 years.


I don’t know how he stood it for that long. Now he can come back to the real world (New Hampshire has some house lots left, Thaddeus!:)

Thaddeus McCotter, to me, isn’t the kind of guy who belongs in the environment Congress has developed for itself. It is a dismal circus of performance liars with an audience gathered through forced attendance.

The institution, as it stands, deserves very little respect except for its ability to transform a normal person into a flip-flopping, lie even when the truth would do, fundraising zombie.

The situation ex-Congressman McCotter finds himself in, getting on the ballot through a petition process, requires a person to set aside all else to win.

Win what, a chance to sit in a wood paneled room with mental midgets, liars, thieves, liars, egomaniacs, liars, and people contemptuous of the institution they are sworn to uphold and revere.

Thaddeus McCotter, citizen, has a lot to offer this country outside of Congress.