Spining In The Mud

We spend our days wondering (some of us do) what the latest poll numbers mean, like this election will depend on the polls, not four dollar gas, 11%-13% real unemployment, trillions in debt any reasonable person knows we will never pay off, the loss of private health care, and all kinds of Chicago-style thuggery by the Obamabots.

Oh, and one other thing – who will Romney pick as his Veep?

When pundits who claim to be FOR Mitt Romney are not defending him against false attacks they should ignore, they carping at him for not being ahead in the rigged polls and pretending his vice president selection means something.

Who cares?

This election will be won or lost by many of the fools who voted for Obama in the first place, and Obama has an idiot for a Vice President.

Joe Biden lost all sense of reality from being in the US Senate all his adult life.

Mr. Potatoe Head (yes, I have spell check) being one heart beat away from the Oval Office didn’t bother them and it will not bother patriots to have a sane Veep, any sane Veep.

Can we change the subject to who borrowed and printed trillions to save the economy with a bunch of economic experts who are all from left wing academia?