Can The Baby And I Have a Beer?

I happen to live within three miles of the notorious public breast feeding zone comprised of Hillsboro pubs where all the young ladies go to nurse their little ones.

The girl who made the issue of feeding her baby in public is from a long line of Hillsboro/Antrim “protest by lifestyle” activists. They are nice enough people, just left wing activists who live out their fantasy like we are all on a big, municipal stage.

She was not put out in any way shape or form when she was asked to cover up while nursing in public. She got exactly what she wanted from the pub and that is pub-licity. Notice how fast the protest was formed?

Isn’t it a shame the local papers who know, and have known these people for decades, let the story become something it was not.

In just about every news story I know anything about, there is one side that rarely receives the attention it deserves.

Violent kids are never looked at as kids with bad parents, absentee parents, or products of divorce. It’s like it just happened by some sort of accident.

Criminal defense lawyers are not exposed as people with political agendas trying to abuse our criminal justice system, but as heroes looking out for the little guy. Most often, the little guy is used and tossed aside.

Public officials are allowed to resign or retire early when they are caught in any number of scams or crimes. The public never gets to see the patterns.

The breast feeding mom is the daughter of a birth at home activist and the baby will, grown up in a few years, pick up some other trendy issue to champion.

You could almost write the newspaper stories in advance.