Telegraph, Telephone, Tell A Thug

There is something I noticed about the Rep. Paul Ryan pick for Mitt Romney’s V.P. spot.

There are claims that Romney made the decision on August 1, if so, that means no one he trusted, nor Paul Ryan himself, any family member or staffer - leaked the choice.

Isn’t that refreshing!

Romney had people he works with keep a secret pick for V.P. from the press, and he made several of them look like fools. (Carl Cameron comes to mind.)

How different from the current regime.

The Obama Chicago thugs leak, as rewards to their friends in the press, anything they think will put Obama in a good light.

State Department information, military plans or actions, talks with foreign leaders, all come under the thumb of, politics first - country later.

This is the difference between political hacks shilling for community organizing communists and people with integrity who happen to have experience in government and business.