Sometimes It Pays To Be From A Crooked Town

Desperation time at the New Hampshire Democrat party.

And again it is with the mail.

Speaker Bill O’Brien is the Alinsky target of the season. All the liberals have him in their sights because, quite frankly, Speaker O’Brien made their $800 million dollar deficit go away. That is unforgivable to them.

Speaker O’Brien has complained about the union thugs at the Manchester Post Office delaying his political mail. The libs will call it, crying wolf.

But to many of us in the right this is an old problem.

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has had mail we sent held up until it was too late to make a difference and we now use a different mailing system to prevent it as much as we can. Turns out it is much easier than the old way we sent mail.

In 1996 I had the Hillsboro Post Office tamper with my mail when I was running for a seat as Selectman, the first time.

At the Town Meeting, after the votes for selectman had been counted and it was public knowledge that I had lost, the Deering Road Agent, Peter Beard, walked up to me and handed me all the returns that went to the Hillsboro Post Office. These were letters I sent with first class postage and should have been returned to ME not my political opponents. The Hillsboro Post Office was doing Peter Beard a favor by giving him my returns so his pals could refine their voter list for the next election. I still have those envelopes.

On each envelope the postal employee scribbled Beard’s PO Box # and circled it before delivering MY mail to him.

I was urged to call a person at the Manchester Office named, Koch, to file a complaint, which I did. I received a call back from a person who claimed to be in charge of the “investigation” and who swore he would get to the bottom of it and there would be hell to pay in Hillsboro. The Manchester Post Office contact was even from my own town of Deering. He has since moved away.

Months later I related this story to a person who just retired from the US Post Office and who knew the “investigator” from Deering who called me back instead of Mr. Koch.

Turns out he had no authority to make any investigation. He was in a different department.

It was then I learned my complaint was diverted by Post Office employees covering for each other.

And so this is how I discovered the Post Office code of ethics.

Fast forward a few years and I worked for the Post Office in Nashua during the Christmas season where I learned that mail does not hang out for a week or two, waiting for an election to go by. It doesn’t wait several days either, since now the Post Office is delivering much less mail than ever before.

So as the US Post Office involves itself in politics of the dirtiest kind, while at the same time losing money in the billion dollar range, don’t feel bad if it has to be closed down and the retirement system “adjusted.”

It will not bother me in the least.

I also moved my rural box about a half mile to my home instead of having it as a regular target of the Deering Road crew. The mailman at the time said what I did was illegal without permission, as I live on a dead end road and I would have to put back on the other road.

That request was dropped when I informed him that the Post Office and I had a new relationship since they tampered with my mail - and I could prove it.

My box is still safe at the end of my driveway.