All conservatives instinctively know one can not say the word nigger in public, private, or in dreams through a third party. It is VERBOTEN!

I am not supposed to even write the word nigger here on my blog or else all hell will break lose.

But if you are a talking head of color, whatever that means, who chats on the lightly watched cable station, MSNBC, nigger is a totally appropriate word, and of course Democrat Senator Harry Byrd had a nigger waiver as well before he died.

Imagine my shock to see an even more elaborate use of the word, nigger – “niggerization” from MSNBC video clips found on real cable shows and the web.

Niggerization will surely find its way into Webster’s soon.

I assume the traditional waivers and prohibitions will apply.

How soon will it be before the Team Obama trys to Mormonify Mitt?