Nobel Peace Prize Winner Stirs The Smear Pot

Is this all there is?

Saul Alinsky would be ashamed.

Obama’s campaign has relented and is now bargaining for only five years of Romney’s tax returns?? How lame.

Barack Obama, middle name, Hussein, has been asking, no, DEMANDING Mitt Romney supply the past ten years of IRS records, records Obama could get with the snap of his fingers.

The purpose of the demand is to falsely smear Mitt Romney as a tax cheat or elitist – as so many Obama Administration officials and supporters have been proven to be.

As I have written previously, I believe the Democrats running Obama’s re-coronation campaign already have Mitt Romney’s past records and are in pants-wetting mode from the inability to use them. If Romney doesn’t cave in and give the Democrats in the Obama campaign cover to use the records they will be exposed as having stolen them. And no one of sound mind would argue that is above the Obama team. Let’s at least admit that.

And so Harry Reid went rogue with rage at not being able to smear Mitt with his stash. Reid has a secret admirer with the Romney records – we are almost there.

Romney has to stay above the Democrat Communist Party plan and campaign away in his own style.

Everyone knows Obama has a Social Security number from a state he never lived in and he can not explain why until after the chance he gets re-coronated. Romney should have surrogates drop that bomb, over, and over, and over.

The standard Alinsky smear campaign is not even taking hold, let alone working in 2012 and you can see it in the crazy eyes of the left on TV every evening.

The left wing, communist wing, of the Democrat party is in complete panic mode resulting from the loss of donations and adoring crowds they enjoyed when their charade worked in 2008.

Those days are over outside of college campuses and elementary schools.