Here We Go!!

Mitt Romney is making me proud. (Having trouble admitting it.)

He has caught Dirty Harry Reid in the trap I wrote about a few days ago, the trap Democrat operatives set for Romney.

Reid claims to have specific knowlege of Mitt Romney's IRS returns and blurted it out to the media, just like I knew one of the moonbats would. He couldn't help himself.

Romney has to play this out very carefully. He has to out-Alinsky Harry Reid by demanding, at every opportunity, the source for Reid's knowledge of his "secret" IRS returns and the wild claim he did not pay taxes for ten years. How does Reid have access to private, unreleased, IRS records?

Mitt Romney is not the money grubbing, tax cheating, felon capitalist the Democrats are trying to label him. Liberals in Massachusetts would have been successful with this trick when Mitt Romney was governor. That ship has sailed. The public doesn't believe it, or care.

But piliging IRS records, that could happen to any Tom, Mitt, or - Harry? Let's hope so.

Harry Reid has a ton of shady deals back home with his sons. The public may want to see Mitt Romney's tax returns AND Harry Reid's extensive family business schemes - for comparison.

But first, Romney must ride this out.

Hold Reid up like a fat, Alinsky chicken at the market for everyone to see. Single him out. Hold Reid to a standard he can never meet. Pluck him one feather at a time.