Scranton Pa, Pennsylvania's Progressive City!

Scranton Pa.’s motto: Pennsylvania’s Progressive City!

A typical liberal politician, Mayor Doherty has received many awards and now has the distinction of being the long-serving Mayor of one of the first Pennsylvania cities to go broke!

Here is his limited biography from the Scranton web site:

First elected mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2001, Christopher A. Doherty is presiding over the most dramatic transformation in the city’s history and the most amazing of any city in Pennsylvania. New construction and the rehabilitation of historic structures is transforming the look of the central business district, parks are being transformed, neighborhoods are being revitalized, and the first massive infrastructure improvements in the city’s modern history are being made.

In total, almost $400 million dollars is being invested in Scranton and all of it began with Doherty’s election seven years ago.

The city has welcomed many new businesses, including a division of Sanofi Pasteur Pharmaceuticals, and is home to the newest medical school in Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Medical College.

Numerous shops and restaurants have opened in the downtown, and the New York Yankees recently made the Scranton area their home for its AAA Baseball Team.

The Mayor’s accomplishments have been recognized by his peers with his election as President of the Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities (PCLM).  In 2008, Mayor Doherty was awarded the PLCM Distinguished Community Service Award and was recognized by Governor Rendell with the Local Government Award for Excellence in Leadership.  In addition, he was inducted into the Governor’s Keystone Society for Tourism.

Because of his commitment to urban green space, Mayor Doherty was recognized by the US Conference of Mayors in 2008 for his efforts to protect the City’s tree canopy.  In addition, he serves as a member of the steering committee for the Mayor’s Innovation Project, a learning network of America’s mayors dedicated to efficient government.

Mayor Doherty has served as a speaker and panelist for the Brookings Institution American Assembly and Metropolitan Policy Program as well as the Comparative Urban Studies Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. 

Mayor Doherty is a graduate of the Scranton Preparatory School and the College of the Holy Cross.  He and his wife, Donna, are the proud parents of six children.