In A World Of No Right And Wrong - Who Cares?

A candidate for Sheriff of Hillsborough County is in hot water, with the powers that be politically correct, for stating quite openly that he would use his elected office to protect unborn children from abortions.

Why, he even made Drudge today:

How in the world of “all things are relative” can this be an action worthy of such distain?

Didn’t we just have one US Supreme Court Justice impose his will on America through his elite position?

Justice Roberts was the winner in a 4-1-4 decision where the liberals who wanted ObamaCare voted with him even though it hurt other agendas they hold. There is your “majority” opinion on a shingle.

Didn’t it take Mass. Congressman Barney Frank to break the glass ceiling of mano-e-mano marriage by letting his male prostitute use his government funded apartment as a whore house? Barney didn’t back down and was re-elected over and over, just like Gerry Studds. In the end, Barney’s dream came true – for now.

Obama has his Border Patrol agents ignore immigration law and has automatic weapons delivered to Mexican drug cartels. No problem with laws there.

The FBI is investigating one minute of skinny dipping by a Congressman on vacation in Israel but no FBI Agents noticed Monica under the desk in the Oval Orifice, Kathleen Willy being groped, or even Al Gore pawing a woman giving him a massage. (Personal stuff.)

This method of ignoring laws and human nature until you get your way seems to work for some issues but not for others.

A US Senate candidate from Missouri seems to have confused “legitimate rape” with “forcible rape” in an even further confusing statement about birth rates from rape. But if he gets elected, can we just ignore him?

The good people from Newton Mass. sent Barney Frank to Washington to crash the US mortgage industry and promote men marrying other men.

Suppose the good people from Missouri send a guy who has old-fashioned, unscientific beliefs about rape to Washington for six years?

Plenty of elected officials believe in man made global warming, ozone layers disappearing, polar bears are nearing extinction, that socialism works, that communism is even better, and the media is unbiased. They are not ridiculed. Money pours into their re-election accounts.

To many, candidate Frank Szabo looks like he has a unique and bizarre opinion regarding the life of unborn children and his role as Hillsboro County Sheriff. Maybe his abortion position is just in transition to one which could possibly be held by a majority one day.  Just like Barney Frank.

But I happen to know of another position Frank Szabo has which is as equally as shocking and unique here in New Hampshire.  I have met him and spoken to him.

He would prosecute voter fraud!

Wow, don’t let that get out.