This Chameleon Isn't Black

I have gone twice, so far, to see the movie “2016” which chronicles Barack Hussein Obama’s life outside the America most of us know. This movie lays out quite well how much the communist and anti-colonialist background of Obama plays a part in his political decisions as President.

We all know Obama came to American politics through a gauzy, hazy, series of inexplicable events where he was able to attend several Ivy League schools on the salary of a single mother, abandoned by a polygamist father. He was elected to a state senate seat and launched to a US Senate seat he used to acquire the nomination for President from his Democrat Party, out of nowhere.

Dinesh d’Souza has some personal knowledge about such things as attending an Ivy League school from humble, foreign born parents and uses facts and interviews to provide Americans with an inside look at what few facts we know about the person who inhabits our White House.

The movie is more than compelling. It is silently shocking and I see why it is receiving zero press coverage fro the media in general.

But not being advertised seems to have little effect on attendance here in Concord, NH.

Twice, I went to a 4:15 movie and twice the theater was three quarters full and eerily quiet during the movie and as attendees walked to their cars.

Yes, the movie was full of 60-somethings and there was an enlarged prostate rush to the men’s room after the movie was over, but “stunned” is the word I can best use to describe the people who became aware for the first time of just what has happened to the Office of The President of the United States and who really sits in that chair.

Barak Hussein Obama does not represent black Americans in the slightest bit, nor does he have an American experience as a person of color. Obama shoots wide of that mark. His real political beliefs are almost childish. It is as though he believes his hatred for all things colonial, mixed with an unhealthy dose of Marxism, can provide a basis for running the word’s largest economy while delivering “social justice” for sins committed by people from other parts of the World, just because he can.

This is why he is such a failure. He is like the Jimmy Carter of the planet with even less ability to see past ideology than Carter.

Be that as it may, the interesting thing this election cycle is going to be the unforeseen impact of this movie and others which are sure to come. It is making money and definitely changing perceptions of who the changeling is and exactly who the Democrat Party elites and media have delivered and protect, a heavy two-fold punch when Democrats need it the least.

This move puts to rest how Barack Obama became the extremist he is but is an even bigger indictment of the liberal American press, in my opinion. They may become background noise for a small percentage of network news watchers from now on if conservative movie makers stay with this format.