Moving Forward Without Non-resident Voters

Wow, I didn’t see this coming.

The ACLU and some other left wing non-profits are attempting to re-establish non-residency voting for liberal college students by court action.

Didn’t New Hampshire just reject that old vote stealing scam?

Here we go:

College students want to live somewhere else and vote here where they believe their vote has more of an impact than in liberal states they may come from. At least that is what Sierra Club Fliers tell them.

But we have a Constitution in New Hampshire and it says this about voting here:

[Art.] 11. [Elections and Elective Franchises.] All elections are to be free, and every inhabitant of the state of 18 years of age and upwards shall have an equal right to vote in any election. Every person shall be considered an inhabitant for the purposes of voting in the town, ward, or unincorporated place where he has his domicile. No person shall have the right to vote under the constitution of this state who has been convicted of treason, bribery or any willful violation of the election laws of this state or of the United States; but the supreme court may, on notice to the attorney general, restore the privilege to vote to any person who may have forfeited it by conviction of such offenses. The general court shall provide by law for voting by qualified voters who at the time of the biennial or state elections, or of the primary elections therefore, or of city elections, or of town elections by official ballot, are absent from the city or town of which they are inhabitants, or who by reason of physical disability are unable to vote in person, in the choice of any officer or officers to be elected or upon any question submitted at such election. Voting registration and polling places shall be easily accessible to all persons including disabled and elderly persons who are otherwise qualified to vote in the choice of any officer or officers to be elected or upon any question submitted at such election. The right to vote shall not be denied to any person because of the non-payment of any tax. Every inhabitant of the state, having the proper qualifications, has equal right to be elected into office.


 June 2, 1784

 Amended 1903 to provide that in order to vote or be eligible for office a person must be able to read the English language and to write.

 Amended 19l2 to prohibit those convicted of treason, bribery or willfull violation of the election laws from voting or holding elective office. (NH doesn’t enforce that part.)

 Amended 1942 to provide for absentee voting in general elections. (And from the DUMP in Bedford.)

 Amended 1956 to provide for absentee voting in primary elections.

 Amended 1968 to provide right to vote not denied because of nonpayment of taxes. Also amended in 1968 to delete an obsolete phrase.

 Amended 1976 to reduce voting age to 18.

 Amended 1984 to provide accessibility to all registration and polling places.

Domicile, if you are not an imbecile, means LEGAL residence. You can have only one to vote here.

If you are from out of state, you signed a DOMICILE document to get a drivers license in that state – under penalty of perjury.

If you are from out of state you can not serve on a jury here – but DOMICILED inhabitants are required to. I know this because I was on jury duty this January and February.

So in effect, non-resident voters are better than I am because they feel they have a right to have a choice between two elections and I am only allowed to vote for one candidate?

I suggest to the non-resident vote stealers. The next time you are dealing with the IRS or pulled over for some reason by a police officer, try giving two different interchangeable DOMICILES and see what happens.