Some Enthusiasm Gap Crap

If you are a liberal Democrat in New Hampshire you may have little enthusiasm for the upcoming elections in November, if the Primary election of September 11 is any indication.

Secretary of Folksy Stories, William Gardner, predicted a moderate, 160,000 – 170,000, turnout and it looks like we had what might be called a barn burner.

In total, 198,881 people voted in the primary.

About 24,000 more Republican voters used voter ID to cast a ballot this year than their Democrat counterparts.

I thought the primary battle for the Democrat candidate for governor might spark a larger Democrat turnout but I was wrong, just like William Gardner was about overall turnout.

Maybe William Gardner had little enthusiasm for getting his numbers right because he thought the new voter ID law would dampen turnout.

Could the large republican turnout be attributed to Republican voters finally knowing their vote counted?

Or maybe even Democrats are tired of seeing moonbats on their ballots.