Woe Is Me, No ID

I have been scanning the web for stories about the expected disgruntled voters who refused to show ID, could not find their ID, or who wanted to make a scene about the new voter ID law in New Hampshire. Libs are soooooo theatrical.

The bleeding heart stories are there in the usual papers.

I remember similar bouts of “disgruntled voters” when Senate Bill #2 became law. There was even a small cadre of officials who waited breathlessly with clip boards at town halls all over NH to capture the list of complaints about ballot voting at annual meetings. Too bad there was mostly positive feed-back in 1995 when we adopted secret ballot voting.

The current feeling regarding voter ID is that about 15% or so of voters who were able to stumble upon a polling place had no ID - hard to believe.

But where were all the news stories about how long residents of New Hampshire had to wait in line to vote in college towns for the non-resident students to register and vote the same day?

1,700 students register and vote in Durham in one day and not a peep recorded from a disgruntled resident.

The ballot officials in Durham, Plymouth, Hanover, and Keene joyfully accept writing into the checklist names and addresses of people they will never see again, students wakened up and rounded up by activist professors and party hacks. And everyone is happy.

But reaching in your purse or back pocket for the drivers license that got you to the polls is too much trouble.

Talk about anger at the polls regarding ID. I remember my turn at poll watching in a ward in Manchester in 2006 and hearing voter after voter who moved to NH from another state express shock that they needed no ID.

Funny the papers never cover that type of story.

I caught three non-resident voters in that ward, suddenly, they were disgruntled.

I don’t mind disgruntled voters all that much as long as they don’t steal my vote.