Out Of Her League Again

All those wonderful Clinton Family Photo Album shots of Hillary the Senator, Hillary the Secretary of State, Hillary the genius, squirreled away for the days when her place in history will be re-created and unimpeachable – unlike the rapist she married.

Red carpets, fancy diners, military escorts and honors pour down on the crooked lawyer from Arkansas who was always smart enough to ignore her husband’s abuse of every woman he could get in a corner, while she climbed the political ladder. Wellesley is such a fine school for motivated power pimps.

My favorite blurb from the One in Pants Suits is:

“We came, We saw, He Died” - speaking about Mohmar Quadaffi’s death, as though she lead the assault herself.

Here we are on the anniversary of Sept. 11 and the joke is on her.

“They came back, They planned, They murdered your Ambassador” This will probably be an annual event behind the Islam Curtain until serious American leaders teach the Middle East another temporary, deadly lesson like the United States has been doing since 1805.

The buck stops at the fat lady now.