Poll The Little Children

I got to wondering when the Highlights Magazine presidential race prediction would come forth, as it does most years. Here is all I could find with my limited skills:

“Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 09/21/2011 TheWashingtonPost

Highlights magazine survey shows kids in tune with parents’ financial worries

By Janice D’Arcy

Worried about the economy? Worried about job security? Worried about how to make the mortgage?

We all are. And, our kids are noticing.

That’s one of the findings of an interesting new report to be released tomorrow at the National Press Club by Highlights magazine. So interesting, I think, that this is the first of two posts I’ll write about the findings. It’s not the most comprehensive of surveys as it’s based upon the responses of about 1,000 readers of the children’s magazine who responded to the 70,000 surveys sent out this spring. (Highlights targets readers age 6 and up.) But it provides us with a glimpse of what children across the country are thinking.”

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And almost a year to the day after the last poll of 1,000 readers, where it was found that money, jobs, and the economy play a huge roll in what children fear the most, America has little to show from the leadership of the Harvard trained community organizer known by most people now as Obama.

This children’s magazine has been a pretty reliable indicator of what spins around the diner table in homes of voters, as opposed to the main stream media spin we are subjected to 24 hours a day.

Highlights Magazine may not come out with predictions this election cycle but the survey of children from one year ago is still relevant – if you like polls.