The Former Senator Has Details Galore

I am trying to understand the various polls the news media are sprinkling from their fairy dust ballot box.

Here goes:

Ovide Lamontagne is in a dead heat with Maggie Hassan in some poll the Nashua Telegraph is promoting.

The reason Ovide is doing so poorly against a liberal lightweight is because – he isn’t giving details of what he would do about jobs and Maggie is attacking him as a Tea Party Hack, or something.

And to top things off, the poll asked people how much they still like lame duck John Lynch. They still love the guy.

You are asked to believe in this poll that Ovide has no “details,” which Hassan is not asked about - or her proven tax raising record, while the same “voters” like Governor Lynch, 2-1, who never gave a detail about anything in eight years. In fact, no one yet knows what he actually took a stand on except homosexual marriage which he apparently was working for since day one, after pledging to support real marriage.

Yea, I am sure this poll is a good predictor of what is going to happen November 6.

Maybe Ovide should pose for photo ops with in a rain slicker, with children, cutting ribbons, or with sap buckets like John Lynch did for eight years while he racked up $800 million in bebt.

Here is a detail about Ovide.

Ovide never racked up $800 million in state debt like Maggie Hassan and Governor Lynch.