Ivy Is Like A Parasite That Grows On Things

Here is my prediction:

Obama will be going back to Harvard in March of 2013 to grow his head large enough to mach his ears. He has all the time in the world and a Nobel Peace Prize for his shelf.

That is not my whole prediction.

Here is the really super important part:

As soon as the dust has settled and the mews media has figured out that along with the misfortunes of the Obama Administration of Harvard elites, they will be paying the price for being lying incompetents as well.

So here is how they will spin the Obama loss.

They will have a series of stories about how, maybe, the presidency is not as relevant as it used to be. Could the US do without this awkward position that doesn’t reward likeability and focuses too much on ability?

If a person such as Harvard Graduate, Nobel Peace Prize winner, foreign policy expert, parter of waters, cool as a cucumber, guy with a cool name, Barack Hussein Obama can’t make the Office of the President work – well then, who can?

Do we place too much pressure on one person?

That will be the media reaction to Obama losing.

My suggestion to heal the liberal wounds would be to do a reality show about Barack Obama as a Harvard professor.

Let’s call it, “Harvard Boo-Boo.”

Just slip a few hidden cameras and microphones in the Harvard lecture halls so Americans can get an in depth glimpse of how communists are recruited at one of our finest Ivy League Institutions. Use Obama as an example of what Harvard has been up to for several decades.

Once the subjects are used to the cameras they should let their liberal hair down and put on quite a show.

As a bonus, think of how much our college elites will be ranting after losing their one last, glorious shot at a European style socialist utopia before our country goes completely bankrupt. Well, at least we will still have the debt to remember them by.

If you have ever been around liberals when they think no one is listening you know how much fun a socialist reality show could be. Why focus on hill-billies when you have Harvard elites who can be twice as foolish and not just a danger to themselves, but an entire country?

Rednecks crash cars, Harvard elites crash whole economies.

Of course, Hollyweird can’t be trusted to make this film. I would hire the guy who just made the Mohammad video. He knows how to get things done.