Remember The Dog On The Roof?

Harry Reid is back in the news hinting that Mitt Romney may not have paid income taxes, just like the 47%.

How pathetic. Democrat Senator Reid has a fist full of Romney tax returns he can not use in this campaign, because they would have been shown to be stolen, and he can’t stand it. No October surprise. Poor, pitiful Harry.

The attack on Bane Capital was a bust, as was the ginne up War on Women.

The Democrats had an Abortion-palooza Convention which was a flop, even with all the shouting and arm waving, Wee Willie Clinton couldn't save the day.

The 1% nonsense has not caught on, and the last resort, the stolen Romney campaign strategy book taken from the SUV, has yet to appear.

No wonder Harry Reid is flustered and back to his tax return theme, even the “secret tapes” of Mitt Romney telling the truth about welfare and Palestinians is backfiring.

Short on an October Surprise, Harry Reid is falling back on what he knows best, slander and lies.