Swamp The Vote!

As could be easily predicted, the NH ACLU and the League of Women Voters went to Superior court in Rockingham County to try to persuade liberal Judge Lewis to stop implementation of the new Voter ID law in time to register as many out-of-state students as possible.


And the person who is supposed to protect your NH right to vote is the NH Attorney General’s Office which has never shown a serious effort to catch non-resident voters, from what I know of the situation.

This is how New Hampshire has worked for several decades I am aware of. Nothing shocking or new here to report.

Judge Lewis is the same judge who, when we went to his court for equitable treatment, was not disturbed in the least that the Moderator of the Town of Atkinson stopped our Coalition of New Hampshire photographer from quietly taking pictures, at my request, of the Atkinson Deliberative session in 2009.

I can see where this hearing on voter ID is going.

One of several things, beside the NH Constitution, the judge will have to ignore will be the multi-choice offerings of where to vote and what laws to comply with he will grant to non-resident voters with a delay in the voter ID law.

And as stated in the NH Constitution, voters shall vote in the “ward or town in which they are domiciled” – domiciled being an existing fact, not an intention. That should be the standard.

But this case is trying to put forth the idea that were in NH are making the poor students and their recruiters promise to make NH their home in the future. That is not the reality. The Legislature intended to make the non-residents become residents to vote and follow NH laws like real residents are required to. It is that simple.

Non-resident voters will be rounded up again this election cycle if Lewis deems it so, by their professors and driven to the polls, labeled with a sticker for easy identification after stealing a NH residents vote, then left on the checklist for ten years or so, long after they have left, if the ACLU gets its way.

It will up to the courts, political parties and politicians who benefit from non-resident voting to keep our crooked system in place. Two standards for voting is crooked.

On the other hand, real NH residents, ones who pay taxes and twenty year bonds, know the issues, serve on juries, and care about this state, could swamp the polls this November 6, and teach these people a lesson.

Don’t count on the AG or the judges in this state to protect your vote.

It is up to you!